6 Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol for a Cleaner New Year

January 19, 2017

Rubbing alcohol has already been proven to clean your hands and rid it from disease-causing bacteria and viruses. There are some brands of alcohol, like Alcoplus, that have also included moisturizers and/or Vitamin E to keep the skin smooth and not dry out. But, aside from cleaning yourself, there are also ways you can use rubbing alcohol to keep your home spick and span, most especially for the New Year!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are annoying but can be dealt with to avoid getting infested with them. Every morning, spray either ethyl or isopropyl alcohol on your bed mattress and let it air dry. Before going to sleep, spray your other furniture too. But, if this seems to be futile, call in an expert, pronto!


Sneakers do not only absorb impact and force but also sweat and that can lead to some serious bacterial growth that can then lead to fungal infections and worse, smelly feet. To avoid that, simply spray ethyl alcohol on the inside of the shoe and let it dry, much preferably under the sun. No smell plus it’s sanitized!

Grass Stains

Grass stains are harder to remove than they look. Before giving them a good tumble in the machine, dab a solution of 2 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol on the stain and you’re set!


Ink can look like a big mess if you know what to do, you’ll be good. If you spot your kid ‘accidentally’ marking a smooth/shiny surface with a permanent marker, grab your best rubbing alcohol and a washcloth. Simply spray and wipe!


Mirrors can accumulate some grime and water deposits from the use. To make it look like brand new, add 1 part rubbing alcohol with 1 part hot water. The hot water with loosen the particles and the alcohol will make it easier to wipe them away.

Make-up Brushes

Make-up brushes should regularly be cleaned to avoid mold formation and simply rinsing them with water is not enough. Combine 1 part rubbing alcohol and 1/2 part make-up remover. This way, you’re sure to remove all the make-up and sanitize every bristle!

Got them all down? Perfect! It’s best to start the New Year clean for you to totally enjoy the rest of it without fear! Carry on.



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