Beneficial Foods from Sarnia Dentist

March 17, 2017

A Sarnia Dentist has the inside info on what food to keep away from and what you should be eating to keep your dental health checked.

They say that we are what we eat. That saying is proven in the fact that much of what we eat has a profound effect on our teeth. Fortunately, not everything we indulge in will lead to gum disease or cavities. In fact, some foods are rather beneficial for our dental health.

The Cheesy Tooth

Cheese lovers need no excuse to sink their teeth into a chunk of cheddar, but they have the perfect one. Cheese comes with a number of benefits for teeth. One such advantage comes from the chewing one must do to eat cheese and the increased saliva which washes away bacteria. Additionally, cheese could help neutralize plaque acid much to the pleasure of your Sarnia dentist.

Raisin Dental Standards

We all enjoy our sweet treats, but our Sarnia dentist advises against candy, sodas and other sugary drinks are bad for the teeth. Understandably, a Sarnia dentist is likely to advise healthier snacks such as raisins. This bite-sized fruit is not only naturally sweet but also contains phytochemicals which could help kill the plague bacteria that causes cavities.

An Apple a Day

We all know the saying about apples and doctors, but this delicious fruit comes with a number of benefit for our teeth. In fact, you can think of apples as scrubbers that help remove food particles while increasing the saliva in your mouth to wash away harmful bacteria. In short, an apple is a sweet treat you can give your children without worrying about the sugar rotting their teeth away. In doing so, you may just teach your children good oral hygiene habits just as Lambton Family Dental advises.

Tea Time

We worry that drinking tea will stain our teeth. Ironically, this soothing drink is rather healthy for teeth. The reason is the polyphenols found in tea which help slow down the growth of the bacteria known to cause gum disease and cavities. Add to that tea’s ability to reduce the buildup of plague and your Sarnia dentist will give you a raving review for not only eating right but also improving your dental health.

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