How Dental Implants Help Boost the Quality of Your Life

September 12, 2017

How Dental Implants Help Boost the Quality of Your Life

Tooth loss is one of the most common dental problems faced by older adults. Although this may not be considered a major dental issue, it can negatively impact the quality of a person’s life. Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your oral health, there are several factors that can contribute to tooth loss, such as periodontal disease, mouth injury, and congenital oral diseases.

How Missing Teeth Affect the Quality of Life

A few missing teeth can be extremely embarrassing. It can affect a lot of aspects in our lives.

How Dental Implants Help Boost the Quality of Your Life

  • A person suffering from tooth loss loses a significant level of self-confidence.
  • Those with missing teeth may smile and talk less to hide the gaps between their teeth. This can affect their social life.
  • When missing teeth are not immediately replaced, it can make the person’s face sag and look older.
  • Missing teeth can affect a person’s ability to speak clearly.
  • It can prevent a person’s ability to enjoy their favorite food.
  • A person with a few missing teeth finds it difficult to chew certain types of food, resulting in nutritional problems.

What is a Dental Implant?

How Dental Implants Help Boost the Quality of Your Life

A dental implant, also known as endosseous implant or fixture, is an artificial surgical component (usually made of titanium) that is often used to support the dental prosthesis, such as denture, crown, and bridge. It provides a stable and long-lasting base for fixed replacement teeth. Compared to other dental solutions, dental implants are considered to be a more reliable and effective long-term remedy for loss of teeth and other serious dental problems.

A dental implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, under the gumline, on which the dentist will affix the replacement tooth.

Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

How Dental Implants Help Boost the Quality of Your Life

The most serious consequence of missing teeth is bone loss. To prevent this from happening, it is important to replace any missing teeth with high-quality dental implants before it can affect the quality of your life.

Here is a list of the amazing benefits of using dental implants to address the problems of missing teeth:

  • Best Option for Natural Tooth Substitute – Aside from being strong and stable, dental implants are probably the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth. When implanted by a qualified and skilled dentist, dental implants can feel, look, and function like natural teeth. It allows you to enjoy daily activities, such as eating your favorite foods, or laughing and talking with friends.
  • Restores Facial Structure – Sagging and looking older are some of the adverse effects of having missing teeth. Having dental implants mounted to replace them can help restore a person’s natural facial structure, boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  • Boost Oral Health – Unlike the bridges, using dental implants does not require the dentist to modify nearby teeth. The rest of your teeth will remain intact during and after the installment of dental implants.
  • Cost-Effective and Durable – You do not need to spend a fortune on dental implants. It is a practical dental solution that can last many years so you do not have to worry about premature deterioration of the components.

Now that you know how dental implants can bring back the quality of one’s life, make sure to choose the right dental implant services from a highly-skilled and experienced dentist. Keep in mind, however, that dental implants are like natural teeth that require the same level of oral care by keeping them clean and plaque-free at all times.

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