Do you need the Bowmanville Dentist or is it One of these Problems causing Bad Breath?

November 2, 2016

What is causing your bad breath? It may very well be one of the five surprising causes listed below, or it may be a more serious problem requiring a Bowmanville dentist appointment.

Experiencing bad breath is embarrassing, especially when you’ve brushed and flossed, used mouthwash, and made regular visits to a Bowmanville dentist. Like most people bothered by bad breath, or osmosis as it is known in the dental world, you probably wonder what is causing the condition and what you can do to remedy it quickly.

Everyone knows the common causes of bad breath:

– Lack of good oral hygiene

– Foods that you’re consuming

– Smoking

– Drinking alcohol

Many surprising causes of bad breath exist in addition to the causes listed above. For some individuals suffering from bad breath, the cause may very well be a health or medical condition, which are:

1.Lack of Breakfast

Breakfast is the best meal of the day for many reasons. One reason is because breakfast promotes salivation and rids the mouth of bacteria’s that have built as you slept.

2.Sinus Infection

If sinus infections frequent your life, talk to your doctor or Bowmanville dentist quickly because this condition may be responsible for your bad breath, too. When mucus drips back down into the throat, the smell isn’t pleasant at all as it protrudes from your mouth. Many medications are available to treat sinus infections.


Mouthwash is designed to make your breath smell better, however, in some cases, it actually worsens the condition. The alcohol contained inside of mouthwash is the culprit for bad breath, since it causes the mouth to dry and harbor bacteria.

4.Sticky Foods

It isn’t just candy that causes concern. Foods such as peanut butter and taffy can cause bacteria to build in the mouth and sit around for hours on end, causing destruction to the teeth along the way.

Avoiding the situations above may very well be the perfect solution for your bad breath. If it seems that nothing helps, schedule an appointment with your trusty dentist should do the trick.

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