Dr. Urzula Barrios is Your Best  Family Dentist  that Guelph Has to Offer

October 11, 2016

The task of finding and retaining a family dentist in Guelph, Ontario, can be daunting. Selecting a dentistry team caring for your baby teeth and advising parents regarding baby bottles affecting tooth decay is a major dental health hurdle.

Baby tooth advisements can protect the development of later teeth as well. Finally, locating that professional dentist within Guelph who will continue to provide family dental care through adult tooth whitening, painless dental extractions or root canal procedures will tax your resolve more than the entire Olympic track and field prowess.

Your Lucky Day is Today

Guelph is privileged to offer the complete family dentistry profession through the dental team of professionals practicing with Dr. Urzula Barrios:

  1. Lifetime Teeth Whitening Program

Our expert dentist team is currently offering you a discounted dental whitening program when combined with routine cleaning and exam.

  1. Dentistry Without Pain

If you are among the patients of a dentist who are frightened to the point of nausea when even considering going to a dental office, file that away in your “used to be” basket. Our expertise soothes you through any procedure using sedation that is available in two levels: Mild laughing gas sedation and moderate sedation with an orally taken sedative.

  1. We Assist Patients in Keeping Their Teeth

Although extractions can occur in the best of patients, our office is dedicated to helping patients retain their natural teeth through diligent and painless professional intervention.

  1. Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry Promotes Smiles

The psychological effect of knowing you have a beautiful smile due to cosmetic improvement and elimination of spaces, misalignments or discoloration is paramount to your self-confidence and emotional well-being, as well as bettering your social and work successes.

Let Dr. Urzula Barrios, our expert dentist in Guelph, Ontario, practitioner, lead your family into happy smiles and healthful dental hygiene by contacting us today for your initial examination and consultation. Ask about our promotional offers to help you save money as well as your smile and correct bite.

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