Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners

May 29, 2018
Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners


In general, air conditioners are beneficial in a number of ways. First, they provide cleaner air for individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma. Second, they grant us comfortable cool during hot and humid days so we are not overcome by heat stroke. However, broken and ill-maintained air conditioners along with improper use have negative consequences to our health. If left unchecked, these health concerns may even outweigh the comfort that air conditioners provide.

Be well-informed about the top health problems linked to air conditioners and their corresponding remedies:

Headaches and Fatigue

Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners

People who drive to and from work on a daily basis and who work in a fully air conditioned workplace may feel more tired than usual and get a feeling of malaise. They may also find that once they leave their office building, these symptoms often go away. This may be caused by exposure to air conditioning.

Remedy: Slightly increase the temperature to keep yourself from shivering and to allow your body temperature to attain equilibrium.


Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners

Since air conditioning does not bring in fresh air but circulates filtered air, persons exposed to air conditioned air may also be exposed to pollutants. Meaning that if there is mould, dust, or other people in the car have viruses or air-borne infections, individuals in the said confined space are more prone to getting sick.

Remedy: Open your car window even slightly to let fresh air in.

Dry Skin

Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners

Frequent exposure to air-conditioned environment dries out your skin and hair as the cold, dry air zaps the moisture from your skin.

Remedy: Rehydrate by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizer.

Breathing problems

Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners

When air conditioners are not cleaned well and when the filters are not changed regularly, they become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This then makes your car a home to black mould as moisture can build up in the coil and ducts during the process called condensation.

When these microorganisms are released into the air, this can result into different types of breathing problems like pneumonia and Legionnaires’ disease (severe form of pneumonia) which is caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila.

Remedy: Thoroughly clean your car air conditioning system regularly and make sure change your filter every few months.

Inability to Deal with Heat

Health Problems Linked to Car Air Conditioners

Those who spend longer in air conditioned environment become more dependent on cool air and less tolerant of hot summer temperatures. This is caused by the stress in your body from moving from cool temperatures to sweltering outdoor temperatures.

Remedy: Drink more water during humid days and try to spend as much time away from air conditioned environments.

Just like other systems of your car need inspection and thorough maintenance on a regular basis, the same is true for the air conditioning system. Always ensure that it is in tiptop shape to avoid health problems. If your air conditioning system is broken, there are a number of automotive shops that do AC repairs. In Abbotsford, there are dozens of experienced automotive shops that provide a complete range of air conditioning repair services alongside other car maintenance services.

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