How to Keep Warm on This Chilly Yuletide Season

December 16, 2016

Christmas Eve is still just around the corner yet we are already feeling the chilly, sweater weather, yuletide breeze. Even just staying outside your house at night can have the cold air hugging you from all side and send shivers down your side. Though it can be such a fresh moment from the usual humidity we feel in the country, getting too cold can cause some issues and some nose to run.

To keep the cool just right, dress up on your fave sweaters or jackets that have been kept in the close for most of the year. But don’t just put it on and call it a night; style it a bit. You can go for a scarf and button up combo for your Christmas parties or just a simple sweater with a white button down tucked underneath it. After all, it ain’t snowing in these parts of the world and you don’t want to look overdone or get too cozy.

If you’re more of a stay at home type, you can either snuggle and cuddle the night with your family or make a cup of classic hot cocoa for each of you with floating marshmallows on top. The easiest recipe you can find on the web is basically your locally homegrown cocoa tablets dissolved in hot water to ratio with sugar and milk for added flavor. But if you’re feeling fancier, you can go for those luxurious and velvety varieties like Valrhona. You can also add spice, like nutmeg, cinnamon, and even chili to your cups fit for some adult warm moment. Just remember to have your kids wash their hands and sanitize with rubbing alcohol, like Alcoplus.

For families who love to spend time in the great outdoors, you don’t have to worry about catching a cold camping under the moonlight. If your backyard or frontyard permits, gather the family and bond around a bonfire. Prep some graham cracker with marshmallows and chocolates in between for some delicious s’mores or sing along or share stories. The love you share with each other should keep your spirits warm and toasty enough. Also, have a trusty bottle of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, like Alcoplus to sanitize before digging in.

The chilly winds of December could never be cold enough to defeat the warm hearts of our family. Simply, the cold never bothered us anyways.

Happy holidays!

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