Four Solutions to Keep Pipes Clean

September 14, 2017

Four Solutions to Keep Pipes Clean

The major areas that use plumbing are kitchen and bathroom. When a pipe breaks or bursts, it causes mess, delay, and inconvenience. It requires turning off your water while waiting for a professional plumber to get the pipe fixed. Then there’s the cost of repair. Clogged drains, and resulting damage, can be a headache.

Plumbing problems are unsurprisingly common. Professionals providing plumbing in Burlington and other contractors offer long-term solutions and services to lessen household inconveniences. There are simple and innovative ways for homeowners to keep pipes clear and prevent damage.

  • Rust-Proof Hair Catchers

Four Solutions to Keep Pipes Clean

Designed for easy installation, cleaning, and long-term protection, hair catchers are engineered to trap only strands of hair, letting water flow down bathroom sinks and tub drains. Most hair catchers do not require any tools for installation. There are a wide variety of catchers available, with different designs, colours, and material. You can find one that best complements your bathroom decor. Look for them online or at your closest home improvement store.

  • Beard Mats or Trim Mats

Four Solutions to Keep Pipes Clean

Hair clippings are not easy to clean. They’re tiny and seem to appear everywhere. To help save time cleaning and be ready to go after trimming your facial hair, a trim mat is the solution. They’re made of non-stick fabric with suction cups you can attach to your mirror. Some brands have an extra two suction cups at the end so it stays in place while you’re grooming. It is wide enough to cover your sink and catch hair clippings. When you are done, you simply pour hairs into the bin; the hair slides right off.

Clean Your Drains

Soap, oil, and food particles collect in a kitchen sink over time. Without regular cleaning, they result in stubborn clogs. If you’re troubled by a stopped-up drain, the following tools can help clear your pipe of the debris.

  • Hot Water

Four Solutions to Keep Pipes Clean

A commonly used DIY cleaning strategy. When you notice you have slow-moving drain, flush it with hot water and you can usually get your drain flowing again. Allow the water to settle for 15 minutes to soften mucky build-up inside your drainpipe. It’s that easy.

  • Drain Snakes

Four Solutions to Keep Pipes Clean

Commonly used by professional plumbers to dislodge items from the pipe to restore a drain’s function, snakes are very helpful. Knowing the right technique to manipulate this tool influences your success in handling clogs. You can get a drain snake at the home improvement store. Choose a professional-grade drain snake to help you resolve tough clogs.

These tools are good investments. Keep them handy to handle clogs on your own. However, if the problem persists, call your local, licensed plumber.

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