Orthotics Services in North York: The Many Roles of Physical Therapy

January 9, 2017

Physical therapy such as Orthotics Services in North York helps to build body strength, mobility, and function. Patients who receive it may prevent physical injuries in the future.

Physical therapy uses several methods to help patients who are recovering from surgery or a debilitating injury. It is also useful for those who are suffering from certain disorders. Here are the main types of physical therapy:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy

When people think of physical therapy, this is the type that they know best. Often times, doctors will order physical therapy after a patient has gone through surgery. Orthopedic physical therapy, such as Orthotics Services in New York, is usually done on an out-patient basis with daily or weekly visits.

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy

This is a specialized area in physical therapy that cares for infants, young children, and teenagers. Some of these patients suffer from health problems that can be detected early through therapy. Pediatric physical therapy addresses balance, cognitive ability, body strength, and the improvement of fine and gross motor skills.

  • Geriatric Physical Therapy

Senior citizens and people who are having problems with the aging process can benefit from geriatric physical therapy. These patients often have aches and pains from arthritis and osteoporosis. This type of physical therapy, such as Orthotics Services in New York, is useful for seniors who have undergone serious surgeries.

  • Neurological Physical Therapy

Neurological disorders can include injuries to the brain and spinal cord, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Physical therapy can benefit stiff and atrophied muscles. With passive muscle therapy, the therapists can exercise muscles that the patient is having problems moving themselves.

  • Heat-Based Physical Therapy

Heat improves blood circulation. It can also relax muscles and soft tissues that are sore. Arthritis and immobilization often make joints swollen and stiff. This unique therapy can be an immense help to suffering patients.

There are different forms of physical therapy and it’s all up to you to choose which suits you best. Researching is also a key aspect in making a sound decision.

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