Reasons for Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist in Etobicoke

April 24, 2017

 A seasoned cosmetic dentist Etobicoke essentially solves such issues as teeth discoloration, crooked or chipped teeth and missing teeth among other problems.

Unlike traditional dentistry that ideally deals with appropriate oral hygiene in addition to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, cosmetic dentistry is concerned with improving appearances.

Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures enhance general appearances by filling gaps between teeth, straightening crooked teeth using braces, and filling up cavities among other procedures as explained below.

Bite Reclamation

This treatment is directed towards changing the vertical dimension of teeth that have been subjected to many years off excessive grinding and acid reflux. After treatment, you will achieve a shorter and closed appearance in your smile and face.

Dental Bonding

A cosmetic dentist Etobicoke will employ this procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth in the event that they are broken, chipped, stained or even when they contain excessive space between them. The treatment involves applying enamel-like composite resin to the surface of your teeth, after which they are molded into shape, hardened using an ultraviolet or laser light and subsequently polished.

Dental Braces

This procedure is essentially employed to not only correct misshapen or crooked tooth, but also to treat jaw joint disorders, irregular bites as well as ensuring proper positioning of the jaw. A cosmetic dentist in Etobicoke uses braces to apply steady pressure to your teeth, gradually repositioning them into alignment. Braces usually last for about 3 years after which retainers are used to replace them, holding your teeth in their new position.


In the event that you have missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist will use dentures to replace them while strengthening their surrounding tissues. Dentures are removable artificial teeth that could either be complete or partial. The latter are used when there are some natural teeth remaining while the former are applied when all teeth are missing on either bottom or top row.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that cosmetic dentistry not only enhances your appearance, it also provides you with improved comfort and ease. Visiting a cosmetic dentist will allow you to gather invaluable information to determine which procedure is appropriate for you.

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