What To Bring on a Picnic Date With the Family

September 5, 2016

A picnic is always a great idea to up the ante on family bonding and with the great outdoors surrounding your feast, you can give your kids a well rounded learning experience. With just a little research, you can find the perfect place to enjoy a great day. But let us help you with your planning to make your family day memorable, instagram worthy, and safe!  

1. Food

Planning out the food for a picnic is a little different and needs a little strategy to be fool-proof.

Avoid bulky foods with a lot of sauce/gravy in it. These types could become messy if spilled and would require massive cleanup. Instead go for finger foods like canapés, salads, rolls, sandwiches, pastas, wraps and such. This takes up less space and less cleanup after.

For drinks, you can freeze the water and juice bottles (preferably the disposable ones). You can also use them to keep cold treats like desserts and sweets and drink the contents once they are thawed out. You are basically hitting two birds with one stone. Tip, avoid going for sugary drinks as they can make you more thirsty. You can portion out a large serving of homemade lemonade – Vitamin C and zesty cool off? Yes, please!

And if you really want to go ALL OUT, surprise your kids with a creatively designed feast! Check out instagram user @bentomonsters for ideas on how to spice up your picnic foods, and be sure to take photos of them with your family, too!

2. Food Safety

If you got zip lock bags, perfect! You can already portion out your meals per bag and avoid spoilage. But, if you don’t, you can still be safe with sealable containers to hold them in and just bring a serving utensil to portion them out once you get settled. If you’ve got smaller ones, you can still use them to portion the meals out. Be sure these containers and bags are air-tight and spill proof to avoid any disease-causing germs.

Tip. When packing hot foods, allow them to cool for a bit just enough for the steam to disappear. This would extend the lifespan of the meals in case the drive is long.  

3. Dining Wear

Bring enough spoons, forks, napkins, plates (if still necessary), and glasses. You can go for disposable ones if you do not want to have more to wash up later. Also, bring extras on each item just in case they escape your hands and if a washing area is far or is not around. Better have extras than not enough.  

4. Sanitation

You are in the great outdoors and that’s really great. But it still pays to be safer and be #CleanerThanClean. To do that, pack a bottle of your trusty ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, like Alcoplus, can help kill 99.99% of germs on your kids’ hands most especially before eating after they play. Also, if they get scraped while playing, applying enough amount on a clean cloth and clean the wound right away to avoid infection.  

5. Umbrella

Fact: It’s the rainy season. And the trademark of the Philippine climate has always been its unpredictability. To be ready, bring umbrellas with you that can just pop into action when the raindrops start splashing. Once you take cover, pour Alcoplus rubbing alcohol immediately on their hands and if they’re wearing slippers, do so also on their feet to avoid contamination with germs. Alcoplus Ethyl Alcohol or Isorpropyl Alcohol is proven effective in keeping disease-causing bacteria and viruses at bay to avoid getting sick.

Got it listed down? Perfect!

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